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VGTU offers the first, second and third cycle study programmes in Environmental Engineering.  A study process is organized in two modes – continual and extended studies. The University also provides supplementary study programmes.
The number of incoming students pursuing studies and internship amounts to 3, 34 % in the field. The number of outgoing students pursuing studies and internship amounts to 13,61 % in the field.
First cycle study programmes:
  • Environmental Protection Engineering, with specializations in Environmental Protection Technology, Management of Environmental Protection, Water Management.
  • Urban Engineering.
  • Roads and Railways Engineering.
  • Geodesy, with specializations in Geodesy and Cadaster, Real Estate Cadaster.
  • Building Energetics (studies in Lithuanian and English).
  • Building Services Systems
Second cycle study programmes:
  • Environment Engineering, with specializations in Environmental Engineering Protection, Environment Management and Clean Production (studies in English).
  • Water Management Engineering
  • Civil Engineering, with specializations in Roads, Urban Transport Systems, Urban Engineering Information Systems
  • Geodesy and Cartography with specializations in Geographic Information Systems, Cadaster Information systems.
  • Energy Engineering and Planning with specializations in Energy Engineering, Energy Planning.
  • Thermal Engineering.
  • Roads Traffic Safety Engineering.
  • Urban Planning and Engineering.
Third cycle study fields:
  • Civil Engineering
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