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Basic Research Events in Environmental Engineering Faculty
     Annually in the our faculty proceeds 2 Conferences of Junior Scientists (“Environmental protection” and “Building engineering system”) and 1 research Conference (“Civil Engineering and Geodesy”).
Once a three year the faculty organize international conference Environmental Engineering. Conference Environmental Engineering is devoted to the analysis of relevant environmental and water engineering issues as well as to the spread of the key road and railway researches, the presentation of the state-of-the-art geodesy and cadastre technologies, the analysis, assessment and optimization of researches on the energy supply and use systems.
International Events in the Environmental Engineering Faculty
The main goals of the conference Environmental Engineering are the following:
  • to facilitate direct discussions and versatile cooperation between researchers from Lithuanian and foreign science and education institutions, engineers, representatives of industry and municipalities;
  • to bring together potential partners for successful, long-term and continuous cooperation on environmental engineering;
  • to discuss further directions of the applied research development and to implement state-of-the-art state-of-the-art researches in practice.
The first international conference Environmental Engineering was held on 1994. On 22-23 May 2008, the VIIth international conference "Environmental Engineering" organized by VGTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering took place in Vilnius. Among 386 conference attendees there were 157 participants from 23 foreign countries (Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, France, Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, etc.). The conference was intended for the discussion of:
  • the environmental and water engineering issues;
  • for the dissemination of  urban transport systems, main road and railway research results;
  • for the presentation of the latest geodesy and cadastral technologies;
  • for the research analysis, assessment and optimization of energy supply and consumption systems.
288 reports were presented (145 oral presentations and 143 posters) in the following sections of the conference: Environmental Protection, Water Engineering, Energy for Buildings, Urban Transportation Systems, Roads and Railways, Geodesy and Cadaster Technologies.
All conference materials, including full conference papers and abstracts sets, as well as information about the sponsors and organizers are available on the CD-ROM. Before the conference, the international scientific committee selected 234 best and most original articles, which are included in the 3-volume set of conference proceedings. After the conference, the set of articles was included in the ISI Proceedings databases.
Before the Conference, 234 conference articles considered most significant and original were selected by the International Scientific Committee and published as full-page in the printed Conference ISI Proceedings and in the electronically, CD-ROM.
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