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Environmental Engineering Research and innovation

Research and innovation

Different research studies related to Environmental Engineering are necessary to ensure preservation and development of both natural and human environments. Minerals, soil, roads and railways, buildings, cities, and energetics are integral elements of the environment wich are crucial for our everyday life.
In order to achieve ecological and sustainable development of the environment, the specialists of  Environmental  Engineering at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) carry out scientific research.
At the University, in the course of scientific research, experimental and theoretical research on environmental  systems is carried out, technologies for environmental  protection are developed, research on urban planning, as well as assessment of sustainability are performed. The professional activities of the specialists from Environmental Engineering field encompass a wide spectrum of scientific fields, ranging from technologies of Geodesy and Cadastre, research on objects of communication systems to managing energetic systems of buildings and developing means for their usage and deployment.
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