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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Environmental Engineering Road Research Institute was established on the 22th of December in 2009 by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Senate Resolution.

The staff of Road Research Institute is supported by an integrated Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (meeting the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001, LST EN ISO 14001 and LST 1977 (BS OHSAS 18001) which was certified in 2012, also by the main principles of planning, organisation, implementation, control and improvement of present activities.

To carry out high-level research and development works. Help prepare scientists and highly skilled specialists, produce innovation in society and business, promote national and regional sustainable development and integration into the global market, the development of the country's social, informational and technological culture, and nurture traditions of academic community.

High quality and excellence in education and ensuring production that creates communications research, design, expertise, safety audits and inspections services provider, that occupies a leading position among institutions in Lithuania and abroad.

Ensure implementation of the strategic plan goals related to the Institute's activities in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
Carry out public needs and expectations of communications research and development works.
Educate  scientific potential of scientists and researchers in pursuit of development to create internationally competitive .
Ensure staff expectations of working conditions and improve them in order to ensure the success of the Institute's activities and development.

  • International-level research of roads and urban streets pavement structures and building materials.
  • Research of roads and urban streets pavements, pavement structure and construction materials.
  • Design of roads, urban streets, airport pavements and railways, project and structure inspection.
  • Maintenance inspection of roads, urban streets, airport pavements and railway construction.
  • Research of airport runways, taxiways and platforms pavement structures. Calculation of Pavement Classification Number (PCN).
  • Research and application of new technologies of roads, urban streets and airport pavements construction.
  • Development of roads and urban streets normative documents.
  • Methodological and technical assistance working with new materials, compounds and pavement structures.

Achievements in 2013

Project ″The model of pavement structure resistant to static and impact loading adapted to changing climate conditions″. Number of project is VP1-3.1-ŠMM-10-V-02-022. The project is financed by European social fund.
Results of project in 2014
In the project ″The model of pavement structure resistant to static and impact loading adapted to changing climate conditions″ (number of project is VP1-3.1-ŠMM-10-V-02-022) was implemented the experimental research. It consisted of mineral aggregates and binders (11 different bitumens) analysis, modelling of asphalt mixtures particles size distribution and finally testing of designed asphalt mixtures. In the first part, there were designed 4 asphalt mixtures resistant to static and impact loading (AC 11 VS, AC 11 VS opt., SMA 11 S, SMA 11 S opt.). Only one bitumen (PMB 25/55–80 HiMA), which represented the best physical and mechanical characteristics, was selected for further experimental research. In the third part, there were determined the physical and mechanical characteristics of designed asphalt mixtures: stiffness, rutting resistant and fatigue.
Applying the results of experimental research, there were accomplished the modelling of pavement structure. 4 different pavement structures with designed asphalt mixtures were chosen. The verification of bearing capacity of pavement structures was performed with 6 loading types. Each loading type represents the typical characteristics of loads affecting pavements of aprons, container and logistic terminals and areas of storage. There were determined the distribution of stresses and strains in each pavement structure. The modelling was done with special pavement design software, which is based on elastic theory.
Considering to results of modelling in the next part of project at least 3 pavement structures resistant to static and impact load will be recommended.
Foreign scientific centers
World Road Association (PIARC).
International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM)
Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL)
LOTOS Asfalt. Gdansk, Lenkija
Eurovia CS, Hradec Kralove, Čekija
Porto University. Porto, Portugalija
Bolonijos  University. Bolonija, Italija
Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Division of Technology (Denmark)
Institute for Transport Sciences KTI Non-profit Ltd. (Hungary)
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Icelandic Road Administration ICERA
Administration des Ponts et chaussées (Luxembourg)
CESTRIN National Road Administration of Romania
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
Central Roads And Bridges Laboratory (Bulgaria)
Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (France)
National Roads Authority NRA (Ireland)
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Netherlands)
Highway Institute (Serbia)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Institute IGH (Croatia)
Federal Highway Research Institute (Germany)
International Business Unit ANAS SpA (Italy)
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Transport Research Institute, JSC (Slovak Republic)
Transport Research Laboratory (United Kingdom)
Transport Research Center (Czech Republic)
Kentriko Ergastirio Dimosion Ergon (KEDE) (Greece)
Latvian State Roads, Road Laboratory
Road and Bridge Research Institute (IBDIM) (Poland)
Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering
Shulgin State Road Research Institute (Ukraine)
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa)
Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center - Federal Highway Administration (Washington)
ARRB Transport Research Ltd (Australia)
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