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Research institute of territorial planning  (TPMI) was established in 1991. The head of TPMI is dr. prof. M. Burinskienė. 
TPMI employees participate in EU conferences, participate as experts in scientific works. The Institute is an international organization ESPON (European Spatial Perspectives Observation Network) coordinator in Lithuania.
Standard used: 
  • LST EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System); 
1. Preparing spatial planning documents: 
  • general plans;
  • comprehensive plans;
  • detailed plans.
2. Consultations in spatial planning.
3. Creation of digital maps.
4. Modeling and development of transport system.
5. Strategic environmental assessments, impact assessments, transport impact for environment assessments.
7. Normative documents.
8. Scientific research works in urban planning.
9. Activities in international organizations.
1. Research of spatial planning and sustainable development;
2. Transport functioning analysis;
3. Spatial planning documents: general plans, comprehensive plans, detailed plans.
4. GIS Solutions for urban and regional planning
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