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Institute of Geodesy was established by resolution of Scientific Council of Vilnius Technical University on January 29, 1992.
Activities of Institute of Geodesy are mostly related to establishment of National Geodetic Reference and solution of related scientific problems.
To take part in activities of Institute of Geodesy are invited teachers of Department of Geodesy and Cadastre, PhD and Master Degree students, students of Geodesy speciality and specialists of production organisations. Some activities are performed in close cooperation with specialists from abroad.
Temporary groups are created for research and supervisors, qualified contractors and consultants are selected.
Calibration laboratory was established at the Institute in January 31, 2000. Calibration laboratory was awarded with accreditation certificate by Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau in 2001. Scope of accreditation – Calibration of EDM instruments and testing of portable distance meters.
Engineering Services and Consultancy Provided
  • Calibration and verification of the EDM instruments and total stations
  • Establishment of geodetic reference by the GPS
  • Gravity observations and gravimetric survey
  • Geomagnetic field survey
  • Observation of horizontal and vertical deformations and tilts of the buildings and constructions
  • Methodical and technical support for the companies and organizations in applying modern technologies of geodetic observations and data processing
  • Creation of digital and analogical topographic maps and plans
  • Survey of underground communications
  • Preparation of cadastral plans
  • Setting out of constructions of different complexity
  • Expertise ordered by courts on land cadastral issues
  • Ground-based laser scanning
  • Determination of geomagnetic field parameters 
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