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Department of Water Engineering was established on 15th of August in 1940. Firstly it was called Urban Sanitation Department and belonged to Vytautas Didysis University. In 1988 water supply and sewage specialists were moved to Vilnius Engineering Building Institute (nowVilniusGediminasTechnicalUniversity).
Today Department of Water Engineering prepares specialists in three qualification levels: Bachelors, Masters and PhD. Successfully finished undergraduate studies Bachelor students can apply for second study cycle and get Master of Science degree and later continue studies for becoming Doctors of Environmental Engineering science.
Students of Water Management get knowledge about drinking water preparation technologies, waste water treatment technologies, storm water disposal and treatment systems, water supply and sewage networks also knowledge about hydraulic modeling.
Department of Water Engineering have contacts with many universities in European counties: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Germany and others. Professors and personnel regularly travel for internships. Students also have possibility to go abroad for studies and for work practice.
After finishing water management study program graduates can work in state environmental institutions, institutions related with water protection and management, different research and design institutes, water supply and sewage network exploiting companies, private environmental agencies, building design and market companies, industrial companies.
Department of Water Engineering was established on 15th of August in 1940 by Steponas Kairys. He was one of the first engineers that started to build drinking water and waste water network systems in Vilnius (1914), also designed and operated network systems in Kaunas, Siauliai, Ukmerge, Palanga and Panevezys. During the period from 1941 till 1942 Steponas Kairys was the dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Vytautas Didysis University in Kaunas. In 1939 Steponas Kairys published the first book about the water systems it was called “City drainage”.    
Department of Water Engineering in VISI (Vilnius Engineering Building Institute) was established in 1989. Head of the department was doc. Dr. A. B. Matuzevicius. A. B. Matuzevicius was the head of the department for ten years.
During the period from 1989 till 2010 Water Management department (In Vilnius Gediminas Technical University) prepared 646 graduated specialists.
Six dissertations of technology science were defended in department of Water Management. M. Rimeika (2000), R. Dauknys (2000), A. Dilba (2002), M. Valentukevicienė (2003), A. Mazeikienė (2005) and G. Vaboliene (2008) became doctors of the science. Four of them work in Department of Water Engineering till now.
Department of Water Engineering perform research works that are needed to determine technological parameters for drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, sludge processing. Main Department of Water Engineering  work directions are:
  • Drinking water treatment technologies – iron, manganese, ammonium, fluorides removal from ground water.
  • Waste water treatment technologies – biological waste water treatment by activated sludge, biological removal of phosphorus and nitrogen from waste water.
  • Sludge processing technologies in waste water treatment plants: sludge thickening, dewatering, drying, composting and reuse.
  • Storm water treatment technologies.
  • Hydraulic modeling of water and waste water networks, reduction of water loss, optimization of network operating conditions.
Science books prepared in Department of Water Engineering  in VGTU are: “Small sewage treatment plants design” (M. Rimeika, A. Kirjanova, 2011), „Water Microbiology” (A. Mazeikiene, 2010), „Design of drinking water treatment plant facilities” (A. Sakalauskas, M. Valentukevicienė, 2008),
“Water supply and treatment systems” (A. Sakalauskas, V. Sulga, 2007), “Design of sewage systems” (M. Rimeika, 2006), “Design of water supply and sewage systems for building” (Z. Paulauskienė 2005), “Outdoor water supply and water receivers” (A. Sakalauskas, V. Sulga, 2005), „Illustration atlas of water management facilities and technologies“ (A. Sakalauskas, 1999), „Waste water treatment with activated sludge“ (A. B. Matuzevicius, 1998), „Design of reagent and cation exchange water softening and ion exchange demineralization facilities” (A. Sakalauskas, 1996), „Water supply and waste water discharge systems for building“ (K. Blažys, V. Šulga, 1994).
There are two educational laboratories in Water Management department.
Department of Water Engineering  have international relations with foreign universities: Alborg University (Denmark), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Arhus University (Denmark), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), Riga Technical university (Latvia), Warsaw University of Life Science (Poland) and others.
All staff of the Water Management department periodically goes for internships to partners universities. Lecturers of Water Management department also go to give lectures for students from partner’s universities.
Together with Universities of Sweden and Poland there was carried out the international project “Development of ecological sorbents for soil remediation and water purification“ (1997-2002). Water management department took part in project carried out be European Commission FRAMEWORK – 6 “Development of research studies for better methods of action against the variety of marine pollutants” (2004-2007)
During the life of Water Management department a lot of work has been done to increase the quality on water management infrastructure in Lithuania. Also department played significant role in rational use of water resources and environmental protection sphere.
Doctoral dissertations defended at the department since 1999
Name, Surname
Dissertation theme
Date of defense
 Ala Kirjanova
Research and design of individual domestic wastewater treatment technology
2015 01 26
 Svetlana Ofverstrom
Research and evaluation of iron impact on sludge digestion process
2014 01 30
 Ramunė Albrektienė
Drinking Water Quality Research and Improvement Measures
2013 06 05
 Andrius Litvinaitis
The evaluation of the influence of coastal sediments on river water quality
2013 06 03
 Rasa Ruminaitė
Research and evaluation of the anthropogenic activity impact on the river runoff and water quality
2010 11 10
 Oksana Barvidienė
Research and evalution of overgrowth of regulated streams with woody vegetation
2009 11 13
 Mindaugas Stankevičius
Investigation of suspended sediments in the wetlands of the Nemunas basin
2009 01 26
 Vabolienė Giedrė
Research and evaluation of the biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal from wastewater
2008 06 06
 Mažeikienė Aušra
Research and application of intensification of activities of iron and manganese oxidising bacteriaיs for drinking water treatment
2005 01 25
 Lina Bagdžiūnaitė-Litvinaitienė
Research and assessment of changes in biogenic substances in the water of rivers
2005 01 24
 Ana Dolgopolovienė
Naturalization processes of channels research and evaluation
2004 01 24
 Valentukevičienė Marina
Experimental investigations and application of iron and organic matter removal from groundwater
2003 03 20
 Dilba Audrius
Research and application of the anaerobic treatment of high organic polluted industrial wastewater
2002 01 25
 Dauknys Regimantas
Investigation of biological phosphorus removal from wastewater and improvement of technological scheme
2000 11 17
 Rimeika Mindaugas
Analysis of rainfall data for designing stormwater drainage and treatment systems
2000 08 31

Local partners

LVTA (LWA) – Lithuanian Waterworks Association was established on 3rd of June in 1992. Association unify different Lithuanian and foreign firms, companies, organizations and persons who’s activity is related with water management.
UAB Hidora was founded in 1990 is a company which provides consulting and selling. The company's business is consulting and providing special equipment for waste water treatment and other industries in Baltic States,Ukraine, andRussia. Moreover, the company services this equipment.
UAB Eigesa more then 10 years provides water treatment design and constructing services. Also provide equipment operation and supervision services.
UAB Arginta is closed joint-stock company with Lithuanian capital was established in 1991. During almost 20 years promising ideas turned into a large leader of the market and a very profitable company. The company's territory has also been expanded: until 2007 "Arginta" possessed 1 500 m2 of premises, in 2007 additional 4 500 m2 were added and in 2010 a new workshop of 2 500 m2 was built. During the rapid growth of the company its activities have also changed: from 1991 "Arginta" has worked in the field of metal processing, in 1995 the company started water improvement and wastewater management activities and in 2009 one more additional field - renewable energy - was added to its activities. Today metal processing, water management and renewable energy are equivalent fields of "Arginta" activity.
UAB Traidenis is first producer of wastewater treatment equipment from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) inLithuania, was established in 1996. Products of Traidenis are produced in the modern moulding and assembly workshops applying the most advanced production technologies. A new workshop is built and the most advanced technological Filament Winding system is installed.
UAB Grundfos annual production of more than 16 million pump units. Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning and other centrifugal pumps for industry, water supply, waste water and dosing are the major products. Today, Grundfos is the world's largest manufacturer of circulator pumps, covering approximately 50 per cent of the world market for these pumps.
UAB Wavin Baltic provides effective solutions for essential needs of daily life: safe distribution of drinking water; sustainable management of rainwater and waste water; energy-efficient heating and cooling for buildings. Wavin’s European leadership, local presence, commitment to innovation and technical support, all benefit our customers.
UAB Hidrostatyba is joint stock company "Hidrostatyba" was registered on March 8, 1994, when formerKlaipeda state stock melioration company, which was established on April 1, 1959, was privatized. The company’s capital is 41.6 mln. litas. Stock capital management is concentrated. The company is the largest construction profile company in region ofWestern Lithuania. The company is certified for construction and reconstruction of special buildings.
UAB Vilniaus vandenys is the biggest water supply company in Lithuania and runs water supply and sewage systems not only in the City of Vilnius but in Šalčininkai, Švenčionys and Vilnius districts as well. The Company supplies drinking water and collects and treats waste water and thus serves about 589,9 thou. consumers. UAB Vilniaus Vandenys supplies only groundwater from deep wells, which depth amounts to 40-180 m. The Company supplies 103.9 thou. m3 water per day and collects and treats app. 155.5 m3 waste water per day. The length of water pipelines is 1572 km, and this one of waste water pipelines amounts to 1125 km. The water quality control is performed by the Drinking Water Laboratory, and the treated waste water quality control is carried out by the Waste Water Laboratory. The Company serves 18131 entities. On January 1, 2009 the Company employed 958 employees.
UAB GreenWorks Industry is an efficient business company joining qualified engineers and innovative specialists. Company’s activity is oriented to cooperation with specialists and companies from various industry sectors unified by striving to increase the effectiveness of industry. Company aim is to find out and realize modern solutions ensuring sustainable industry development inLithuania andEurope. Nowadays, correct yet unnecessarily big technological solutions determine longer and safer work of mechanisms.
UAB Infrastrukturos inzinerija activity is construction and renovation of water supply and sewage systems, using trenchless and conventional technologies, as well as construction of pump-houses. Company also makes: horizontal controlled drilling, installation of steel casings, micro-tunneling, water treatment and installation of „Larsen“ and „Berlin“ type slotted walls using vibrating technologies.
UAB Vandens projektai is company providing engineering and consultancy service since 2006. Work sphere is territory planning, engineering infrastructure design and environmental protection.
UAB INDUSTEK belongs to the Indutrade companies group. Indutrade is a leading importer and supplier of industrial components of water management fittings in north European market regions. Indutrade consists of some more 40 trading companies inSweden,Finland,Denmark,Norway, theNetherlands,Belgium,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania andRussia.

Foreign partners

Lund University (Sweden)
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