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Department of Environmental Protection staff in 2013.: From left to row doc. Dr.. R. L. Idzelis, prof. Habil. Dr. D. Butkus, prof. Habil. Dr. P. Baltrėnas, prof. Dr. S. Vasarevičius, II row from left: dr. M. Pranskevičius, dr. E. Zuokaitė, A. Venslovas, mast. S. Butkutė; affairs of K. Šiaučiūnaitė; Assoc. Dr. E. Petraitis, dr. A. Kazlauskiene, PhD. A. Zagorskis, dr. K. Bazienė, dr. R. Grubliauskas; Assoc. Dr. D. Paliulis, dr. J. Bradulienė, dr. T. Januševičius; Assoc. Dr. A. Zigmontienė, MSc. A. Chlebnikovas, D. Platova, dr. V. Bolutienė; Assoc. Dr. R. Vaiškūnaitė, III row from left: mgr. Ž. Venckus E. Baliukas, M. Zemleris, MSc. K. Macaitis, MSc. A. Misevičius, S. Blėdis; e.p. prof. Dr. E.Baltrėnaitė
  • The department of Environmental Protection Department in 1993 founded the present Head of the Department professor habilitated doctor Pranas Baltrenas. Came from the  Civil Engineering Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Protection Department. Since 1993 department of Environmental Engineering started to prepare graduate studies. Students chose the "Environmental Engineering and Waste Management" Technologies specializations. Since 1995 Department began to organize the Ministry of Environment of civil servants employed in the system of state environmental inspectors training courses. Since 2002 refresher courses took over the organization of Faculty of Environmental Protection Institute.
  • Since 1995 supervised the International Education "Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management" publication.
  • In 1997 major university program titled "Environmental Engineering". Environmental Engineering degree program examines the various environmental problems: air purification technology, the characteristics of the waste management system, environmental monitoring systems, industrial and transport environment and so on, and more recently - and environmental management.
  • Since 2000 annually in march Department of Environmental Protection organized by the Young Scientists Conference "Science - Future of Lithuania" section of the "Environmental Engineering". This is a good opportunity to all Lithuanian masters and doctoral students to present their research findings, meet like-minded people. Since 2006. participate in the conference and foreign young researchers.
  • Since 2002 under international BALTECH program began masters in "Environmental Management and Cleaner Production" in English.
  • In 2003 National Accreditation Bureau under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania accredited by the Environmental Institute for Environment and Working Conditions laboratory.
Department of Environmental Protection investigators ...... performed by:

     atmospheric air pollution sources
     working conditions (noise, vibration, illumination, climate, electromagnetic fields, dust, etc.). research
     ambient air quality research
     designs, develops, designs air cleaning devices

prepares ...:

     IPPC (integrated pollution prevention and control) applications
     Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports
     environmental monitoring programs
     environmental legislation projects

organized ...:

     refresher courses for environmental professionals
     training on environmental issues
     scientific seminars and conferences
U.S. Fifth Regional Environmental Protection Agency

Agency continues to support the Department of magazines, books and other scientific publications of waste and wastewater treatment topics. Department was established in the local library, where the collected literature of environmental topics, the bulk of the material obtained from the agency. In 2004 cathedral of Environmental Protection of the U.S. Fifth Regional Environmental Protection Agency gifts received gas chromatograph GC-800 to MD-800 mass detector and gas chromatograph SRI 8610th The laboratory equipment used in the chemical laboratory (
Institute of Physics

The Institute for Cathedral for educational purposes transferred semiconductor Ge (Li) detector Dewar vessel, pulse analyzer AI-1024, detector lead security lodge, two Dewar vessels for liquid nitrogen supply, and and other scientific equipment (
Ministry of Health Radiation Protection Centre

The Centre sent to Cathedral for Physical lab lead house, analyzer AI-1024-95-M for the chemical laboratory: the fume hood, oven, laboratory scales, alpha spectrometry, low-background gamma probe and others. (
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European COST 859 scientific meetings held in 2007. May 30. - June 1. Sponsor. (
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European COST 859 scientific meetings held in 2007. May 30. - June 1. Sponsor. (
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