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The history of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering is traced to the year 1968, when the Faculty of Urban Engineering in Vilnius subdivision of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (KPI) was established. 1969, KPI Vilnius Branch became VISI (Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute).  Since 1995 the Faculty has been called the Faculty of Environment Engineering at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
The Faculty comprises 7 departments, 2 research institutes and 3 accredited laboratory. Academic staff is 149, including 21 Professors, 69 Associate Professors, 10 Lecturers, 44 Assistant, 2 Leading Researchers, a Senior Researcher and 2 Researchers. Administrative (Auxiliary) staff of the faculty is about 30.
Under number of students, the faculty of Environmental Engineering is the third largest faculty in Vilnius Gediminas technical university. Number of enrolled students is over 2 000. About 1 300 of them studying at Bachelor full-timer Studies level, about 300 at Master Studies level and about 700 at Extramural Studies level. Number of PhD students is about 51. Number of PhD theses defended in 2008 is 7. Number of Doctoral Hability procedures performed in 2008 is 2.
The faculty has the two cycle system 4+2 (BSc+MSc), since 1991 (ref. the Bologna process).The faculty has 9 Bachelor’s degree programs and 14  Master’s degree programs. The faculty offers 2 study programs in English in both the BSc. (Building energetic) and MSc. level (Environmental management and clean production). This study programs are open for both international and domestic students.
All programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania. Training courses provided on environmental engineering, civil engineering, energetics engineering and measurement engineering.
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